Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't Forget About Fido

No, my dog's name isn't "Fido," that's just the nickname my uncle gave him and every once in a while he gets called by that! 

This weekend I was at a party where I was reminded that "Christmas is only 64 days away," which now is 62 days.  So, have you started shopping?

I found this cute personalized dog bone ornament on Etsy and found the need to scoop one up for Baxter, as he has limited personalization on our tree.  Tracy was super sweet and great to order from.  Check out her shop here.  

Any unique gifts for your pup this year?  Have you started your shopping yet?  



  1. I've already bought a Christmas gift! And sent my Christmas list to my mom already! haha, never too early! :) My pup, Brady, is going to get a new bed this year.

  2. A friend gave me one a couple years ago for Belle. And I bought a yellow lab one her first Christmas