Monday, July 11, 2011

Who? Me?

I've seen this "game" on a bunch of blogs and thought I would join in on the fun with you all since I have some new followers.  
Have fun, hope you don't get too bored! 

I am... a daughter, a sister, a mom (to a furry friend!), a nurse practitioner.
I want… to find true love.
I have... more than I could ever ask for.
I wish… I lived closer to my college friends.
I hate… cigarette smoking.
I fear… never having children of my own.
I hear… birds chirping outside the window and Baxter's breathing as he's sleeping on my lap.
I search… for the perfect gifts for friends and family just to see them smile.
I wonder…how some people can be so cruel to others.
I regret…missing some friends' weddings.
I love….dessert!
I never….have tried a single drugs (I've been teased that I could work for the FBI). 
I ache….deep in my heart at times.
I always….need coffee to function in the morning.

I usually…love going to work.
I am not...good at lying.
I dance... like I'm jumping on a trampoline!
I sing…like some of those first auditions on American Idol (terrible!).
I sometimes…get the motivation to work out…sometimes is the key word
I cry….after a really good book.
I am not alwaysas perky in the morning as some people think I am. 
I lose…my dogs' favorite toy on purpose sometimes (that darn squeeky soccer ball could drive you nuts!)
I am confused… as to what my (future) brother-in-law actually does, but too embarrassed to ask again.
I need… a new car :(  Bye Bye loyal Pathfinder!
I should…respond to phone calls more frequently.

What about you??



  1. I am not sad when Belle's toys go missing either.
    At 6 tonight it was still 99 so out of control

  2. We have a lot in common--I'm a horrible liar, have never taken any drugs, and am a huge fan of giving the "perfect" gift!