Saturday, February 23, 2013

Welcome, Warm Weather!

So, even though the past couple weeks have had some days in the 40's and I have actually been able to run outside, I still was feeling the need to soak in the sun.  Good thing this trip came just in time! 
We headed off to St. Kitt's and Nevis.  Have you ever been??  If not, it's a MUST do!

We flew in and stayed at the Marriott in St. Kitts.  Look at this view on our way to ShipWreck Beach!  It was honestly amazing!  

We were told the monkeys drink the alcohol at ShipWreck Beach and to watch our drinks…we never saw one drink any though and were slightly disappointed.  The beach was great though, and we walked down to some of the fun little bars and restaurants.  

Every which way you looked was breathtakingly gorgeous and I'm sorry, but my pictures do not do it justice!

One night we headed out for a catamaran sunset cruise over to Spice and Mill for dinner.  Again, we need to bring a photographer with us on these trips! After some delicious rum punches (which will knock your socks off) and a couple Caribs (the local beer), we had a delicious dinner.  I wish I could live there with all the fresh fish and veggies!

Here is a picture of Nevis on our sunset cruise.  

And here is Nevis the following day as we took the ferry over to Nevis.  Its pretty rare, apparently, for it to be this clear above it.  That's how Nevis got its name…Nevi means Snow and it looked like snow on it…however, thankfully, they never get snow!  The weather is perfect…80's and sunny with a few clouds/rain showers to cool you off while you have lunch and a cocktail!

View from the Hamilton House (where Alexander Hamilton was born) for breakfast in Nevis.

Entering the Botanical Gardens

Everywhere you looked was beautiful.  Lots of greenery with gorgeous flowers, mountains on one side, the ocean on the other. 

I think someone needs to get married with this setting in the background!  

Where Princess Diana stayed when visiting Nevis with William and Henry in the 80's. 

And off to the Four Seasons in Nevis was our next stop!

I could sit in those comfy lounge chairs all day while they sprayed us with water, brought us fruit infused water, and just take in all the scenery.  Can we say R&R?!

The last view while sipping on my morning coffee before heading back to the US…and the chilly weather!  

I think my body is made for the sun and warm temps.  I seriously considered taking a job as a bartender or something down there and just getting Baxter shipped down to me…he would love it!  Hmmmm… can I get my company to open up in St. Kitts or Nevis?!

Mark this on your bucket list…it's definitely a "To-Do!"



  1. Stunning! My parents stayed at the Marriott for a week a few years ago and loved it!

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